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Best driving songs for the open road


There's a category of songs that are just made for putting the top down and cranking the sound up. It's not a particular artist or genre. Let's just say that "Stairway To Heaven" probably isn't on your list, but "The Immigrant Song" probably is. July. Summer. Drive.

Hot summer music
Classic Rock Spotlight10

It's True. A new Pink Floyd album

Just when we thought there would never be another new Pink Floyd studio, the release of 'The Endless River' in October 2014 was announced.

Best songs for the open road

Summer. Best time of year to take to the open road and go wherever it takes you. Of course, you can't take off driving without a playlist of the best songs for summer road trips.

Sounds of July

The sounds of July -- fireworks, crickets and frogs, boat motors, kids playing, bats hitting balls, and new music from Tom Petty, Yes, Eric Clapton, CSNY, Judas Priest, and Ted Nugent.

10 Great Debut Albums

Ten of the best debut albums by classic rock artists.

June tunes - top classic rock releases

Gosh, it seems like a long time since Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) released a solo album, doesn't it? It should. She never has. Her first one will be

The musical evolution of Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac in 1973 - photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images If you could put the 1968 version of Fleetwood Mac side-by-side with today's version, you

What you need to know about Jack Bruce

Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red Records For some, Jack Bruce is one of the central figures in a classic rock band whose lifespan was tiny in proportion to the

Look who's 50 already!

Classic rock bands celebrating 50 year anniversary in 2014

Classic rock catalog: Led Zeppelin discography

Discography, catalog of albums by Led Zeppelin

Classic rock catalog: Boston discography

Discography, back catalog of rock band Boston

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