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Dave White

40 turning 40 in '13, part 1

By June 14, 2013

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You know, 40 isn't so bad. With the average life span being what it is today, age 40 is actually pretty young. (Isn't it the new 20? Or is that 30?) Then there's the concept of the Top 40, which is the name of a music sales chart and a music genre. And then there were all those headmen that Traffic sang about. (Oh wait, that was 40 thousand. Never mind.)

Yes, we're playing with numbers today, and for our purposes, the number 40 is significant because of all the classic rock albums that were released in 1973. Those were some pretty heady days for the still young genre that only years later would become known as classic rock. I've culled out 40 that had particular significance (historically, musically, or both) and that have stood the test of time in terms of how they are regarded today, 40 years after they were released.

Even after cherry-picking, 40 is a pretty good chunk, so we're going to take it in two bites, organized alphabetically by album title. The list of 40 begins with the first 20 ... READ MORE


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