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Which is your favorite Doors album?

Between January 1967 and April 1971 The Doors released six original studio albums. Lead vocalist Jim Morrison died just three months after the release of what would become the last studio album recorded by all of the band's original members.

  • The Doors
    Their debut album reached #2 in the US. It is considered by many fans to be their best work. The album contains the band's first #1 single, "Light My Fire."
  • Strange Days
    A concept album, with "strange" as the theme. Released in October 1967, it contained several songs that had originally been intended for their debut album, including one of the first written by Morrison, "Moonlight Drive."
  • Waiting For The Sun
    Released in July 1968, it became the band's first #1 album. It contained their second #1 single, "Hello I Love You."
  • The Soft Parade
    The band introduced horns and strings on this July 1969 release, and it turned out to be less successful than the first three albums since the sound was so much different than what the band had established.
  • Morrison Hotel
    Released in February 1970, this album featured Lovin' Spoonful's John Sebastian (using the pseudonym G. Puglese) on harmonica and blues/rock guitar virtuoso Lonnie Mack playing bass.
  • L.A. Woman
    The last release before Morrison's death contained what became two of the band's best known songs, "Riders On the Storm" and "Love Her Madly."
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