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History of Classic Rock - About.com
Where did it begin? Who started it? Was it a time period, a musical style, certain artists? Learn your essential classic rock history here.
Classic Rock 101 - One Genre, Many Definitions
Definition and description of classic rock, its radio format origin, and how to test a song or album to determine if it is classic rock.
10 Women Who Made Rock Music History - Classic Rock - About.com
For as long as there has been what we now know as classic rock, women have played a big part in its development and success. As early as the late '60s, artists  ...
Classic Rock Music Playlists and Album Reviews
Learn about classic rock music and the best musicians and bands in the genre. See what records to ... 10 Women Who Made Rock Music History · -. 100 Best ...
Classic Rock's black history - a celebration of Black History Month
We celebrate Black History Month with a look at the influence of African American artists on classic rock.
Grunge Rock History and Characteristics - Classic Rock - About.com
Grunge 101 - history, description and examples of grunge rock.
History, biographical profile, music of The Beatles - Classic Rock
Beatles resources including profiles, history, biography, photos, discography, trivia, lyrics, reviews.
Country Rock 101 - history, description and examples ... - Classic Rock
Some rock fans will recoil at the idea of country music, thinking immediately of Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton or Glen Campbell. Country music, however, has ...
Goth Rock 101 - history, definition and examples of ... - Classic Rock
For the young folks out there gothic rock (or goth) didn't start with Type O Negative but way back in the late '70s, springing from the ashes of punk rock with such ...
About Classic Rock | Southern Rock 101 - About.com
History, description and examples of Southern Rock genre.
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