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History of Classic Rock - About.com
Over the years, the winter holidays have seen significant developments in classic rock history. This is a look back at what was happening in classic rock during ...
Favorite Christmas Songs - Classic Rock - About.com
A look at some of the holiday songs that are most popular with classic rock artists. ... songs · Classic rock Christmas albums · Holidays That Rocked: 1966-1977 ...
Essential classic rock Christmas holiday albums
Holiday music classic rock style. ... electric guitars and a big orchestral sound, BSO features Setzer's vocals and a '50s rock 'n' roll motif to celebrate the holidays .
Classic summers - 1967 - summer of love - Classic Rock - About.com
Classic summers: 1967 - Summer of Love. ... Classic Rock Expert. Share this. Classic Rock Categories ... The Turtles were a big part of the L.A. rock scene in 1967. ... Classic Summers · Top 5 Summers of Classic Rock · Rocking the Ho...
Favorite non-traditional holiday music - Classic Rock - About.com
Top 10 non-traditional Christmas holiday songs by classic rock artists. ... country rock in which the message of being with family for the holidays rings through.
Movie soundtracks featuring classic rock music
Top 10 movie soundtracks featuring classic rock music. ... Here are ten of the best examples of movies with classic rock soundtracks. .... Watchmen Film Soundtrack List · Rocking the Holidays · Who are the 50 Greatest Classic Rock Ban...
Punk Rock Christmas Songs - Punk Music - About.com
If you're getting ready to celebrate the holidays, here are 10 punk Christmas and ... group that plays covers of a lot of classic and contemporary Jewish songs.
New classic rock releases September 2013 - About.com
New releases and reissues from classic rock artists in September 2013. ... and sometime around the holidays, a partial reunion of The Runaways in the form of a  ...
Classic Rock Top Picks Lists - About.com
Lists of the best classic rock songs, albums, CDs, DVDs, books, box sets and gifts .
Top 100 Christmas Songs - Top 40 Pop - About.com
Celine Dion applied the huge sound of her voice to the classic song on the 1998 ... Bruce Springsteen has made it a traditional part of his live concerts during the holidays. ... "Jingle Bell Rock" was first released by Bobby Helms in 195...
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