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Christian Metal and Hard Rock Bands and Artists
Information about the best Christian hard rockers with links to their official web sites. If you're looking for more about Christian metal, metalcore and hard rock ...
Top Christian Hard Rock Bands - Christian Music/Gospel - About.com
From the underground days of the Resurrection Band of the late 1970's to the 21st century, as a genre, Christian hard rock has twisted, turned and grown.
Christian Hard Rock - Christian Music/Gospel - About.com
Explore music with a real edge and learn more about Christian Hard Rock.
2012 Readers' Choice Awards Best Christian Hard Rock Band
About.com 2012 Readers' Choice Awards - Christian Music / Gospel - Vote for your favorite Christian Hard Rock Band in the Readers' Choice Awards.
Top 10 Hard Rock Songs of the '80s - 80s Music - About.com
For the purposes of this list of premium '80s hard rock songs, I consider the broad term of hard rock to apply to loud, guitar-heavy rock music generally played by ...
P.O.D. - Similar Bands – Christian Hard Rock Bands Like P.O.D.
If you like the Christian hard rock Band P.O.D., you should check out these bands too.
Stryper – Biography of Christian Hard Rock Band Stryper
It started in 1982 in Orange County, California when brothers Robert and Michael Sweet formed a rock band called Roxx Regieme. Guitarist Oz Fox came on ...
Top 10 Hard Rock Frontmen of the '80s, Part 1 - 80s Music - About.com
There is certainly no shortage of hard rock frontmen from the '80s that were significant, memorable and highly visible during the era. The most prominent of these ...
Christian Hard Rock Videos - Christian Music/Gospel - About.com
Delivering music about Jesus, Christian hard rock bands do it with edge. If you're ready to rock for The Rock, these music videos will help you do it! So turn up ...
Christian Hard Rock Summer Playlist (2014) - Christian Music/Gospel
5 Christian hard rock songs that will rock your summer!
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