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Bands & Artists A - B

Information about classic rock bands and artists with names beginning with A through B

Profile of AC/DC

Profile of Aerosmith

Anderson, Ian
Interview with Jethro Tull founding member, vocalist-lyricist-flutist Ian Anderson

Barrett, Syd
Profile of Syd Barrett, founding member, singer and songwriter for classic rock band Pink Floyd

Barrett, Sid solo discography

Beatles, The
The Beatles biographies, discography, reviews, photos, trivia

Best, Pete
Profile of Pete Best, original drummer for The Beatles

Black Sabbath
Profile of Black Sabbath

Blades, Jack
Interview with Jack Blades of Night Ranger and Shaw/Blades

Blind Faith, supergroup or tentative experiment?
Blind Faith

Profile of rock band Blondie

Bloom, Eric
Interview with Blue Oyster Cult co-founder and lead vocalist Eric Bloom

Blue Öyster Cult
Profile of Blue Öyster Cult

Blues Magoos
History and music of pioneering psychedlic rock band Blues Magoos

Blues Magoos discography

Profile of rock band Boston

Boston discography

Bowie, David
Profile of David Bowie

Box, Mick
Interview with Uriah Heep guitarist and founding member Mick Box

Buffalo Springfield
Success and turmoil marked Buffalo Springfield's short career.

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