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Eagles discography

Classic classic rock catalog


When Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner first got together in 1971, it was as members of Linda Ronstadt's tour band. After her summer tour ended, the four stayed together, formed the band called Eagles, landed a record deal, and released a hit debut album in less than year. The rest is history, or, perhaps you might say, the rest is discography.

1972 - 'Eagles'

Eagles debut album titled Eagles
Elektra / WEA

Chart peak: #22

Singles: "Take It Easy" / "Witchy Woman" / "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Trivia: Bernie Leadon began writing "Witchy Woman" while he was still with The Flying Burrito Brothers. Leadon and Don Henley finished it, adapting it to Eagles' style.

Few bands have had the same degree of immediate success that Eagles had with their first album. All three of the singles from the album were immediate hits, and became classic rock standards. Most of the songs were written by band members, augmented by contributions from Jackson Browne, Gene Clark (a founding member of The Byrds) and Jack Tempchin, who would later write several more of the band's best known songs. The album was the first of several that would be produced by Glyn Johns.

Original LP Track List

1. "Take It Easy"
2. "Witchy Woman"
3. "Chug All Night"
4. "Most Of Us Are Sad"
5. "Nightingale"

1. "Train Leaves Here This Morning"
2. "Take The Devil"
3. "Earlybird"
4. "Peaceful Easy Feeling"
5. "Tryin'"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "Take It Easy" at California Jam 1974

1973 - 'Desperado'

Eagles - Desperado
Elektra / WEA

Chart peak: #41

Singles: "Tequila Sunrise" / "Outlaw Man"

Trivia: Although it received substantial radio airplay off the album, and was one those for which Eagles are best known, "Desperado" was never released as a single.

Desperado was a concept album, built around stories about the legendary Dalton Gang, prolific bank and train robbers in the Old West in the 1890s. Henley and Frey co-wrote most of the songs, in which the outlaw lifestyle and the rock star lifestyle were synonymous. Although it peaked at a respectable #41, it was the least commercially successful of all of Eagles' original studio and live albums.

Original LP Track List

1. "Doolin-Dalton"
2. "Twenty-One"
3. "Out Of Control"
4. "Tequila Sunrise"
5. "Desperado"

1. "Certain Kind Of Fool"
2. "Outlaw Man"
3. "Saturday Night
4. "Bitter Creek"
5. "Doolin-Dalton / Desperado (Reprise)"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "Tequila Sunrise"

1974 - 'On the Border'

Eagles - On the Border
Elektra / WEA

Chart peak: #17

Singles: "Already Gone" / "James Dean" / "Best of My Love"

Trivia: "My Man" was written by Bernie Leadon as a tribute to Gram Parsons, who was a fellow member of The Flying Burrito Brothers. Parsons died of a drug overdose in 1973.

On The Border two big changes for the band. Don Felder, originally recruited to play slide guitar on one of the tracks, became a fulltime member of the band. The band, wanting to establish more of a rock image than country, rebelled against the direction producer Glyn Johns was taking, and replaced him with Bill Szymczyk for the next several albums. "Best Of My Love" became Eagles' first #1 single.

Original LP Track List

1. "Already Gone"
2. "You Never Cry Like A Lover"
3. "Midnight Flyer"
4. "My Man"
5. "On The Border"

1. "James Dean"
2. "Ol' 55"
3. "Is It True?"
4. "Good Day In Hell"
5. "Best Of My Love"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "Already Gone" at California Jam 1974

1975 - 'One of These Nights'

Eagles - One of These Nights
Elektra / WEA

Chart peak: #1

Singles: "One Of These Nights" (second #1 single) / "Lyin' Eyes" (first GRAMMY Award) / "Take It To The Limit"

Trivia: Don Felder sang lead vocals on "Visions" marking the one and only time he sang lead on an Eagles album.

One Of These Nights was Eagles' first #1 album, in part validating the band's switch to Szymczyk as their producer. All three singles released charted in the top 5. The album was nominated for an Album of the Year GRAMMY. This would be the last Eagles album for Bernie Leadon, who didn't like the fact that the band was moving away from country, toward rock. Leadon left after the band toured in 1975, and was replaced by Joe Walsh.

Original LP Track List

1. "One Of These Nights"
2. "Too Many Hands"
3. "Hollywood Waltz"
4. "Journey Of The Sorcerer"

1. "Lyin' Eyes"
2. "Take It To The Limit"
3. "Visions"
4. "After The Thrill Is Gone"
5. "I Wish You Peace"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "One Of These Nights"

1976 - 'Hotel California'

Eagles - Hotel California
Elektra / Asylum

Chart peak: #1

Singles: "New Kid In Town" / "Hotel California" / "Life In The Fast Lane"

Trivia: Bassist Randy Meisner, who had been a founding member of Poco before joining Eagles, left the band after the Hotel California tour ended in 1977. He was replaced by the same person who had replaced him in Poco, Timothy B. Schmit.

The band's first concept album, Desperado had been its least popular release, but that didn't keep them from using the concept structure. This time, all of the songs were statements on the decline of the country into a materialistic, hedonistic socioety. Hotel California was nominated for the Album of the Year GRAMMY, but lost out to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, who had been Eagles' opening act on their 1975 tour. "Hotel California" and "New Kid In Town" both scored GRAMMY awards.

CD Track List

1. "Hotel California"
2. "New Kid In Town"
3. "Life In The Fast Lane"
4. "Wasted Time"
5. "Wasted Time (Reprise)"
6. "Victim Of Love"
7. "Pretty Maids All In A Row"
8. "Try And Love Again"
9. "The Last Resort"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "Hotel California" at 1988 Rock Hall induction

1979 - 'The Long Run'

Eagles - The Long Run

Chart peak: #1

Singles: "Heartache Tonight" / "The Long Run" / "I Can't Tell You Why"

Trivia: Among those providing backup vocals on some of the tracks were Bob Seger and Jimmy Buffett.

After releasing an album a year from 1972-76, Eagles spent two years working on The Long Run. It was originally envisioned as a 2-LP release, but in the end, one album was released, and songs that didn't make it were released as part of a box set in 2000.

CD Track List
1. "The Long Run"
2. "I Can't Tell You Why"
3. "In The City"
4. "The Disco Strangler"
5. "King of Hollywood"
6. "Heartache Tonight"
7. "Those Shoes"
8. "Teenage Jail"
9. "The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks"
10. "The Sad Cafe'

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "Heartache Tonight" in 1995

1980 - 'Eagles Live'

Eagles - Live
Elektra / WEA

Chart peak: #6

Single: "Seven Bridges Road"

Trivia: Since Randy Meisner was still with the band in 1976, and Timothy B. Schmit was in the lineup in 1980, this is the only Eagles album on which both bassists appear.

Eagles Live which was a double album consisting of performances during shows at the Forum in Los Angeles in 1976, and the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica in 1980. The only single, "Seven Bridges Road" hit a chart peak at #21. The first Eagles live album would also be their last album before splitting up. They actually had agreed to disband at the end of a July 1980 concert during which there was open hostility between band members on stage during the performance. But they still owed their record label one more album per their contract, and couldn't make it official until this album was released.

Original LP Track List

1. "Hotel California"
2. "Heartache Tonight"
3. "I Can't Tell You Why"

1. "The Long Run"
2. The New Kid In Town"
3. Life's Been Good"

1. "Seven Bridges Road"
2. "Wasted Time"
3. "Take It To The Limit"
4. "Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II)"
5. "Desperado"

1. "Saturday Night"
2. "All Night Long"
3. "Life In The Fast Lane"
4. "Take It Easy"

The album has been released on LP, 8-track, audio cassette, CD and MP3.

Listen to Eagles perform "Seven Bridges Road"

1994 - 'Hell Freezes Over'

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Geffen Records

Chart peak: #1

Singles: "Get Over It" / "Love Will Keep Us Alive" / "The Girl From Yesterday" / "Learn To Be Still"

Trivia: When asked in 1980 if the band would ever get back together, Don Henley was famously quoted as saying, "When Hell freezes over." Hence, the title of the album Eagles released when they got back together after what Glenn Frey jokingly called their "14 year vacation."

Hell Freezes Over was mostly a live album, although there were four new studio recordings in addition to 11 recorded during a live performance for an MTV show. The lineup consisted of the lineup as it stood in 1980: Felder, Frey, Henley, Schmit, Walsh.

CD Track List

1. "Get Over It"
2. "Love Will Keep Us Alive"
3. "The Girl From Yesterday"
4. "Learn To Be Still"
5. "Tequila Sunrise"
6. "Hotel California"
7. "Wasted Time"
8. "Pretty Maids All In A Row"
9. "I Can't Tell You Why"
10. "New York Minute"
11. "The Last Resort"
12. "Take It Easy"
13. "In The City"
14. "Life In The Fast Lane"
15. "Desperado"

The album was released on audio cassette and CD, with a video version on VHS, LaserDisc and DVD.

Watch Eagles perform "Pretty Maids All In A Row"

2007 - 'Long Road Out of Eden'

Eagles - Long Run Out of Eden
Interscope Records

Chart peak: #1

Singles: "No More Cloudy Days" / "How Long" /"Busy Being Fabulous" / "What Do I Do With My Heart?" / "I Don't Want To Hear Any More"

Trivia: Both "How Long" and "Busy Being Fabulous" were simultaneously on the Adult Contemporary and Country charts.

Eagles scored their seventh #1 album, Long Road Out of Eden, 32 years after their first #1 (One Of These Nights in 1975) and 27 years after that had disbanded in 1980. Unlike their debut album, which was released less than a year after they signed their first recording contract, six years passed between the start of work on this double album, and the final mix. Beginning in 2008, Eagles toured the world, with a schedule that kept them on the road off and on through the summer of 2011.

CD Track List

1. "No More Walks In The Wood"
2. "How Long"
3. "Busy Being Fabulous"
4. "What Do I Do With My Heart"
5. "Guilty of the Crime"
6. "I Don't Want to Hear Any More"
7. "Waiting in the Weeds"
8. "No More Cloudy Days"
9. "Fast Company"
10. "Do Something"
11. "You Are Not

1. "Long Road Out of Eden"
2. "I Dreamed There Was No War"
3. "Somebody"
4. "Frail Grasp on the Big Picture"
5. "Last Good Time in Town"
6. "I Love to Watch a Woman Dance"
7. "Business as Usual"
8. "Center of the Universe"
9. "It's Your World Now"

The album has been released on CD, LP and MP3.

Watch Eagles perform "How Long"

Is This The End?

Eagles on stage in 2011
Eagles at Universal Studios Hollywood 2011, photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images for City of Hope

Don Henley said in a CNN interview in 2007, "This is probably the last Eagles album that we'll ever make."

In an interview with The Australian in 2010, Timothy B. Schmit was a bit more circumspect. "My first reaction would be, 'no way.' But I said that before the last one, so you never really know."

By 2013, Henley gave himself a little wiggle room. In an Atlantic City Insiders interview about the band's 2013 tour plans, Henley responded to the question by saying, "There has been no talk of another Eagles album, but you never know. We’ll see how the tour goes."

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