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Justin Hayward solo discography


As crucial as he has been to the success of The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward has also had a career as a solo artist since 1975. His solo releases have met with varying degrees of critical and commercial success. At times, there's a definite Moody Blues sound to the music, but Hayward has also demonstrated that he is able and willing to stretch beyond the trademark sound of his iconic band.

1975 - 'Blue Jays'

Justin Hayward, John Lodge - Blue Jays
Polydor Records

Between 1974 and 1976, The Moody Blues were on hiatus. Lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Justin Hayward got together with the Moodies' bassist/vocalist/songwriter John Lodge. They wrote and recorded Blue Jays in 1975.

The album was a success, making it to #4 on the UK album chart, and #16 in the US. Two singles, "I Dreamed Last Night" and "Blue Guitar" (a non-album single) were released, charting at #47 and #94 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Blue Guitar" was added to the album when it was first released on CD in 1987.

Watch a TV performance of "Blue Guitar"

The album has been released on LP vinyl and CD.


Side One
1. "This Morning"
2. "Remember Me"
3. "My Brother"
4. "You"
5. "Nights Winters Years"

Side Two
1. "Saved by the Music"
2. "I Dreamed Last Night"
3. "Who Are You Now"
4. "Maybe"
5. "When You Wake Up"
"Blue Guitar" included on the CD version

1977 - 'Songwriter'

Justin Hayward - Songwriter
Polygram UK

What a fitting title for an album by the writer of such classic rock standards as "Nights in White Satin", "Tuesday Afternoon" and "The Story in Your Eyes"! Hayward wrote all of the songs on the original release of Songwriter. Buddy Holly's "Learning the Game" was added later as a bonus track.

The album was produced by Hayward and Tony Clarke, who produced The Moody Blues albums from the mid '60s to late '70s. Chart peaks were a respectable #37 in the US and #28 in the UK.

Listen to "Tightrope"

Songwriter has been released on LP vinyl, CD, and MP3.


Side One
1. "Tightrope"
2. "Songwriter Parts 1"
3. "Songwriter Parts 2"
4. "Country Girl"
5. "One Lonely Room"

Side Two
1. "Lay It on Me"
2. "Stage Door"
3. "Raised on Love"
4. "Doin' Time"
5. "Nostradamus"

1987 CD Bonus Tracks
"Learning The Game"

1980 - 'Night Flight'

Justin Hayward - Night Flight
Polygram UK

Night Flight was not nearly as well received as Hayward's first two albums. Moody Blues fans were disappointed with the danceworthy love songs that dominated the album. Apparently they weren't too thrilled about Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, to which Hayward contributed vocals on one song, then tapped Wayne to produce Night Flight.

The album's chart peaks left something to be desired -- #41 in the UK, #166 in the US. It has been released on LP vinyl, audio cassette and CD.

Listen to "Nearer to You"


Side 1
1. "Night Flight"
2. "Maybe It's Just Love"
3. "Crazy Lovers"
4. "Penumbra Moon"
5. "Nearer to You"

[edit]Side Two 1. "A Face in the Crowd"
2. "Suitcase"
3. "I'm Sorry"
4. "It's Not On"
5. "Bedtime Stories"

1985 - 'Moving Mountains'

Anchor Records

In sharp contrast to Night Flight, Moving Mountains returned to the sound that fans had come to expect from Hayward. In fact, a critic for Allmusic went to far as to say that the album was "more representative of The Moody Blues than much of that band's actual output during the early '80s."

Watch the music video for "Silverbird"

The album peaked at #78 in the UK. It has been released on LP vinyl, audio cassette and CD.


Side One
1. "One Again"
2. "Take Your Chances"
3. "Moving Mountains"
4. "Silverbird"

Side Two
1. "Is It Just a Game"
2. "Lost And Found"
3. "Goodbye"
4. "Who Knows"
5. "The Best Is Yet to Come"

CD and Cassette Bonus Track
"The Lights Are Low"

1989 - 'Classic Blue'

Justin Hayward - Classic Blue
Sanctuary Records

Classic Blue was the first Hayward album on which none of the songs were written by him. Instead, he covered songs like The Beatles' "Blackbird", Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven", Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and Don McLean's "Vincent". Backup was provided by Mike Batt and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Batt also produced the album.

The album peaked at #47 in the UK. It was released on LP vinyl, CD and MP3.

Watch a performance of "Vincent"


1. "The Tracks of My Tears"
2. "MacArthur Park"
3. "Blackbird"
4. "Vincent"
5. "God Only Knows"
6. "Bright Eyes"
7. "A Whiter Shade of Pale"
8. "Scarborough Fair"
9. "Railway Hotel"
10. "Man of the World"
11. "Forever Autumn"
12. "As Long As the Moon Can Shine"
13. "Stairway to Heaven"

1996 - 'The View From the Hill"

Justin Hayward - View From the Hill
Sanctuary Records

Hayward was back in songwriting mode, penning most of the songs on The View From the Hill. He played to one of his writing and singing strengths: ballads. In most respects (the exception being the absence of keyboards) it sounded as much like a Moody Blues album as it could without actually being one.

Watch a performance of "Broken Dream"

The album was released on CD, audio cassette and MP3


1. "I Heard It"
2. "Broken Dream"
3. "The Promised Land"
4. "It's Not Too Late"
5. "Something to Believe In"
6. "The Way of the World"
7. "Sometimes Less Is More"
8. "Troubadour"
9. "Shame"
10. "Billy"
11. "Children of Paradise"

2013 - 'Spirits of the Western Sky'

Justin Hayward - Spirits of the Western Sky
Eagle Rock Entertainment

After a 17 year hiatus, Hayward's seventh solo album, Spirits of the Western Sky (release date 2/26/13) was recorded in studios a world apart geographically and culturally -- in Genoa, Italy and Nashville, Tennessee. As one of the studio locations (and the album title) hint, three of the 15 songs have a distinct country/bluegrass influence.

Kenny Loggins co-wrote and plays guitar on "On the Road to Love". There is the trademark orchestral accompaniment written and arranged by Anne Dudley, who won an Academy Award for her musical score for The Full Monty.

Spirits of the Western Sky is a CD release.


1. "In Your Blue Eyes"
2. "One Day, Someday"
3. "The Western Sky"
4. "The Eastern Sun"
5. "On The Road To Love"
6. "Lazy Afternoon"
7. "In The Beginning"
8. "It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart"
9. "What You Resist Persists"
10. "Broken Dream"
11. "Captivated By You"
12. "One Day, Someday" (alternate, extended version)
13. "Rising"
14. "Out There Somewhere"
15. "Out There Somewhere" (Raul Rincon remix)

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