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Top Picks - September 2012 New Releases


Veterans ZZ Top, Bob Dylan and the late Jon Lord top the list of late summer releases in September. The list also includes new and vintage video, and a good dose of remasters, reissues, box sets and special editions for your late summer listening enjoyment.

ZZ Top - 'La Futura'

ZZ Top - La Futura
American Recordings

Since 1969 Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard have performed together as ZZ Top -- no interruptions, no personnel changes. Quite a record, one they're celebrating with a new studio album, their 15th. In announcing its release, Gibbons said, "We wanted to recall the directness of our early stuff but not turn our backs on contemporary technology. The result of this melding of the past and the present is, of course, La Futura."

Release date September 11, 2012
Available on CD, LP

Bob Dylan - 'Tempest'

Bob Dylan - 'Tempest'
Columbia Records

Bob Dylan is one of the few people who can beat ZZ Top in the longevity competition. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dylan's debut album. Tempest will be his 35th original studio release, with ten new songs covering, in typical Dylanesque fashion, a wide range of subject matter, from John Lennon to the ill-fated ship, Titanic.

Release date: September 11, 2012
Available on CD, LP
Also available in MP3 and various Cd+LP packaging variations from Dylan's website

Jon Lord - 'Concerto for Group and Orchestra'

Jon Lord - 'Concerto for Group & Orchestra'
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord was granted one of his fondest wishes when he recorded a studio version his Concerto for Group and Orchestra, which he performed in concert nearly three dozen times with various orchestras after leaving DP in 2002. With help from friends like Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse and Bruce Dickinson he made the recording he'd been wanting to make. Sadly, Lord didn't live to see its release, having died in July at age 71 of cancer.

Release date September 25, 2012
Available on CD

Dave Stewart - 'The Ringmaster General'

Dave Stewart - 'The Ringmaster General'
Surfdog Records

Earlier this year, Dave Stewart sequestered himself in a Nashville recording studio for a while, and emerged with The Ringmaster General, a 13-track assortment of blues, rock, country, R&B and psychedelia. Duet guests include Joss Stone, Alison Krauss, and singer-songwriters Diane Birch and Jessie Baylin.

Release date September 4, 2012
Available on CD, LP

New on DVD, Blu-ray

'Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender'
Eagle Rock Entertainment

George Martin
Produced by George Martin
Documentary - available September 11 on DVD and Blu-ray

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender
Documentary - available September 25 on Blu-ray

Spooky Tooth
Spooky Tooth: Lost Broadcasts
Performance film - available September 25 on DVD

The Who
The Who: From The Bush to The Valley
Documentary - available September 11 on DVD

Yes Acoustic
Concert film - available September 18 on DVD

Tribute Albums

Gary Moore - 'Blues for Jimi: Live in London'
Eagle Rock Entertainment

The Beatles: As Performed By
Featuring Jackson Browne, Robby Kreiger, John Wetton, Steve Lukather, Glenn Hughes, Mickey Thomas, Albert Lee
CD available September 4

Re-Machined: Deep Purple Tribute
Featuring Carlos Santana, Iron Maiden, Chickenfoot, Flaming Lips, Kings of Chaos
CD available September 25

Jimi Hendrix
Gary Moore - Blues for Jimi - Live in London
CD, DVD, Blu-ray available September 25

Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top: As Performed By
Featuring Molly Hatchet, Artimus Pyle, Jim Dandy's Black Oak Arkansas, Rick Derringer, Canned Heat, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Pat Travers
CD available September 11

Month of The Dead

Grateful Dead - 'Spring 1990, So Glad You Made It'
Grateful Dead / WEA

Yeah, I know Halloween isn't until October, but September brings a treat for Deadheads in the form of an almost weekly Grateful Dead release.

Closing of Winterland DVD
DVD available September 11

Spring 1990, So Glad You Made It
2-CD set available September 18

Keystone Companions - Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders - Complete Fantasy Recordings
CD available September 25

Reissues, Remasters, Box Sets, Special Editions

Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys
Friday Music

Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys - Crazy Legs remastered, limited edition
CD available September 25

Tommy Bolin - Teaser: The Definitive Collector's Edition
5-CD box set available September 4

Caravan - Live on Air
CD available September 4

Emerson Lake & Palmer deluxe edition
CD available September 11

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance - Special 30th Anniversary Edition
CD/DVD set available September 4

The Knack - Rock and Roll is Good for You
CD, LP available September 11

Linda Ronstadt - Original Album Series
5-CD box set available September 11

Thin Lizzy - Live on Air
CD available September 11

Uriah Heep - Live on Air
CD available September 11

Frank Zappa - catalog reissues continue
Another dozen of the 60 titles that are being released in 2012 from the Zappa catalog will be available September 25. More to come in November.

Warren Zevon - Mr. Bad Example / Mutineer (Limited Edition)
CD available September 25

ZZ Top - Original Album Series
5-CD box set available September 11

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