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Fleetwood Mac

39 and counting


Few classic rock bands have endured more conflict and personnel changes -- and enjoyed greater success and longevity -- than Fleetwood Mac. Formed in 1967 by three members of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, the band has more than 40 albums, and has gone through 15 different personnel lineups. The band's 1977 Rumours album has sold more than 18-million copies.
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Fleetwood MacFleewtood Mac - American Music Awards 1978American Music AwardsFleetwood Mac - Grammy Awards 1978Grammy AwardsFleetwood Mac in 1968Original "All Male" Lineup
Fleetwood MacFleetwood MacJohn McVie, Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood MacMadison Square GardenMick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham - Fleetwood Mac2009 Tour
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