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Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Palace at Auburn Hills, Detroit, 12-28-06


Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Photo by Brian Hasbrook, Concert Blast!
So Bob and his trusty Silver Bullet Band are back on the road again after an absence of just over 10 years. I had never caught his act live before and neither had my wife, so we weren't sure how it would turn out. The new album, Face the Promise, is great. To be honest, it's what swayed me into getting tickets to hear Bob and the guys, even if he is now in his 60s!

This was the third of four sold out shows on his home turf at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. I really don't think I'd seen so many full seats in the Palace as I did for this concert. We discovered that it was also being filmed / recorded. Live Bullet 2 perhaps?

My wife, Rhonda wondered why I was wearing my Thin Lizzy tee shirt to the show. Besides the fact that I didn't have a Bob Seger shirt, I explained about the fact that Lizzy made one of Bob's old songs famous. "Rosalie" was always a cracker in Lizzy's live set, but I didn't expect to hear it this night.

One thing that was sweet for me and appropriate for Bob and gang, their intro tape track was "The Boys Are Back in Town"! Okay, this is promising!

They opened with "Roll Me Away," the huge band sounding fantastic. "Trying To Live My Life Without You" was up next and sounding good, too.

I wondered how long he'd wait before bringing in the new songs. Cue "Wreck This Heart," which is the killer opening cut on the new album.

The opening strains of "Main Street" got everyone cheering so loud and singing along word for word. "Old Time Rock and Roll" was up next followed by "Wait For Me," another new one (the ghost of "Against the Wind") and then it was the new album's title track, "Face The Promise." Great stuff!

Bob told us that this was the first time for "Still The Same" on this tour. Thanks Bob, it still sounds ... nah, I won't say it. Good to hear it, though.

"Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight" was closely followed by the opportunity to slow things down with "We've Got Tonight," where Bob had to drop it down a key to do it well, but at 61, who's complaining? He did well all night! I must make a point of saying that the band and all the backing vocals were great and the duets Bob did with the female backing vocalists throughout the evening were excellent.

Keeping in the slow vein, we next got the song that raised the roof, "Turn The Page." You should've heard the place erupt! Everyone knew this song to a tee!

He then went through introducing the band and it was amazing that he had so many of the original Silver Bullet Band members still there. It's a great band! Then they wrapped up the first half of the show with "Travellin' Man" blending right into "Beautiful Loser" before taking a 10 minute break. When they came back out, Bob said he'd like to dedicate the next song as a tribute to James Brown as they played "Simplicity," then it was then back on track with "Ramblin', Gamblin' Man."

Next he introduced, 'A track by Chuck Berry that we added to the Greatest Hits album,' "C'est La Vie." Things were then slowed down again for "The Answer's in the Question," which was then followed by a track from The Fire Inside. The title didn't jump out at me, and looking at the fan Web sites, nobody else seemed to recognize it either! Did Bob get his own albums mixed up?

Next we had "Sunspot Baby," which got the crowd going big time. The same can be said for "Horizontal Bop." "Katmandu" closed the second set, but we all knew full well that Bob would not be leaving us without a couple more, at least!

For encores, we got "Night Moves" for starters, sounding great, as the whole evening had really been. "Hollywood Nights" is probably my favorite Seger track and the band totally rocked out to close things. But wait ... they're coming out again! Bob dedicated "Against The Wind" to his son, Cole, and closed the evening with "Rock and Roll Never Forgets."

All in all a great evening that was a pleasant surprise for us, and you know what else? When all these big name artists are coming out and touring and tickets are over $100 each, although I first thought $62 each to see Bob Seger was steep, for best price seats in the house, but he was worth the money for sure! Looking forward to the DVD and live CD set!

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