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l-r: Tom Scholz, Kimberley Dahme, Brad Delp, Anthony Cosmo, Fran Cosmo, Jeff Neal, Gary Pihl

Photo by Ron Pownall, courtesy Boston

Boston's Origins:

1969 - Boston, MA

Original Name:
Mother’s Milk

Origin of the Name:
The name of the city in which the band was formed

Original Members of Boston:
Tom Scholz – guitar
Brad Delp – vocals
Barry Goudreau – guiter
Jim Masdea – drums

Other Members of Boston:
David Currier – drums
Sib Hashian – drums
Fran Sheehan – bass
Gary Pihl – guitar
Fran Cosmo – vocals
Anthony Cosmo – guitar
Kimberley Dahme – guitar, bass, vocals
Jeff Neal – drums

Current Members of Boston:

Tom Scholz, Gary Pihl, Michael Sweet, Tommy DeCarlo, Kimberley Dahme, Jeff Neal

First Album:
Boston (1976)

Most Recent Album:
Corporate America (2002)

Mother's Milk and Baked Beans:

Boston’s beginnings go back to 1969 and a band headed by guitarist Barry Goudreau called Mother’s Milk. Vocalist Brad Delp and drummer Jim Masdea were joined by a recent MIT graduate, Tom Scholz on keyboards. The band didn’t last, but its members spent time in a homemade recording studio in Scholz’s basement recording demo tapes in hopes of making a new start.
Those tapes eventually landed the group, now called Boston, a deal with Epic Records, and in 1976 they released what would become the biggest selling debut album in history, with sales exceeding 17-million. At a time when disco and punk were starting to emerge as influences, Boston’s traditional rock sound was embraced by radio stations and record buyers.

Boston Weathers the Storms:

Like other bands of the era who achieved major commercial success in a short time, there was internal dissension and a tenuous relationship with a record label anxious to capitalize on the huge success of the band’s first album. It would be two years before the band’s second album, Don’t Look Back was released, selling four million copies the first month, but ultimately selling only half as many as the first album. The band has released just six albums, including a Greatest Hits compilation.
The legendary Rockman guitar amplifier was a product of Scholz’s own company, which he formed in the early ‘80s and later sold. Scholz and Delp were the only original members of Boston who were still with the band until March 2007 when Delp died at the age of 55.

The band resumed touring in 2008 with new vocalists Michael Sweet (from the Christian metal band Stryper) and Tommy DeCarlo, a Boston fan who was recruited after posting some of his covers of Boston songs on MySpace.

Essential Boston CD:

It went gold two months after its release, achieved platinum status the next month, and was ultimately certified 17x platinum in 2003. It features the four original members, with the addition of Fran Sheehan on bass and Sib Hashian on drums. Every cut on the album can still be found on classic rock radio station playlists.

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