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Toto discography

Album catalog


With a catalog of 16 studio and live albums generating sales of more than 35-million, Toto rank as one of the most successful rock bands of their generation. They've done it by performing primarily music of their won composition, incorporating a variety of musical influences (hard rock, progressive rock, soul, jazz, funk) and by staying (literally and figuratively) in front of their audience with an aggressive tour schedule.

Their discography - 12 studio releases, a movie soundtrack and four live albums -- spans four decades, from their debut studio release in 1978 to their most recent live album, released in 2007. Toto's albums have produced 46 singles, 31 music videos, and eight compilations. They also have a major movie credit, composing and performing the soundtrack to the 1984 film, Dune.

1978 - 'Toto'

Toto - Toto

Chart peak: #9, certified 2x Platinum

Charting singles: "Hold the Line" (#5) / "Georgy Porgy" (#48) / "I'll Supply the Love" (#45)

Panned by critics, loved by fans

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Child's Anthem"
2. "I'll Supply the Love"
3. "Georgy Porgy"
4. "Manuela Run"
5. "You Are the Flower"

Side 2
1. "Girl Goodbye"
2. "Takin' It Back"
3. "Rockmaker"
4. "Hold the Line"
5. "Angela"

1979 - 'Hydra'

Tooto - Hydra

Chart peak: #37, certified Gold

Charting single: "99"

Critics dwelt on the album's sales (which were less than for Toto virtually ignoring the album's music.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Hydra"
2. "St. George and the Dragon"
3. "99"
4. "Lorraine"

Side 2
1. "All Us Boys"
2. "Mama"
3. "White Sister"
4. "A Secret Love"

1981 - 'Turn Back'

Toto - Turn Back

Four singles were released, only one charted: "Goodbye Elenor" at #107. Album sales were so poor, their label (Columbia) nearly dropped them.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Gift With a Golden Gun"
2. "English Eyes"
3. "Live for Today"
4. "A Million Miles Away"

Side 2
1. "Goodbye Elenor"
2. "I Think I Could Stand You Forever"
3. "Turn Back"
4. "If It's Last Night"

1982 - 'Toto IV'

Toto IV
SBME Special Markets

Chart peak: #4, certified 3x Platinum

Charting singles: "Africa" (#1) / "Rosanna" (#2) / "I Won't Hold You Back" (#10) / "Make Believe" (#30) / "Waiting For Your Love" (#73)

Won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year for "Rosanna", Producer of the Year for the band, and Album of the Year.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Rosanna"
2. "Make Believe"
3. "I Won't Hold Back"
4. "Good For You"
5. "It's A Feeling"

Side 2
1. "Afraid of Love"
2. "Lovers in the Night"
3. "We Made It"
4. "Waiting for Your Love"
5. "Africa"

1984 - 'Isolation'

Toto - Isolation
SBME Special Markets

Chart peak: #42, certified Gold

Charting singles: "Stranger in Town" (#30) / "Holyanna" (#71)

Called "a Journey clone album" in an Allmusic review, featured first appearance of Fergie Frederiksen as lead vocalist.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Carmen"
2. "Lion"
3. "Stranger in Town"
4. "Angel Don't Cry"
5. "How Does it Feel"

Side 2
1. "Endless"
2. "Isolation"
3. "Mr. Friendly"
4. "Change of Heart"
5. "Holyanna"

1984 - 'Dune' soundtrack

Toto - Dune soundtrack
Pendulum Entertainment

The 1984 science fiction film, Dune featured Toto's first and only movie soundtrack. All of the tracks -- all instrumentals -- were written and performed by Toto except for one, which was contributed by Brian Eno.

1986 - 'Farenheit'

Toto - Fahrenheit

Chart peak: #40, certified Gold

Charting singles: "I'll Be Over You" (#11) / "Without Your Love" (#38)

First album appearance of Joseph Williams as lead vocalist, last album with keyboardist Steve Porcaro.

Original CD Track List

1. "Till the End"
2. "We Can Make it Tonight"
3. "Without Your Love"
4. "Can't Stand it Any Longer"
5. "I'll Be Over You"
6. "Fahrenheit"
7. "Somewhere Tonight"
8. "Could This Be Love"
9. "Lea"
10. "Don't Stop Me Now"

1988 - 'The Seventh One'

Toto - The Seventh One

Chart peak: #64

Charting single: "Pamela" (#22)

Last album for Joseph Williams as lead vocalist. Lowest charting of Toto's first seven albums.

Original CD Track List

1. "Pamela"
2. "You Got Me"
3. "Anna"
4. "Stop Loving You"
5. "Mushanga"
6. "Stay Away"
7. "Straight for the Heart"
8. "Only the Children"
9. "A Thousand Years"
10. "The Seventh One"

1992 - 'Kingdom of Desire'

Toto - Kingdom of Desire

Chart peak: none -- it failed to chart in the U.S.

Charting singles: none -- four were released, none charted

Last album for Jeff Porcaro, who died of a heart attack shortly after the album's release. First album to feature lead vocals by guitarist Steve Lukather.

Original CD Track List

1. "Gypsy Train"
2. "Don't Chain My Heart"
3. "Never Enough"
4. "How Many Times"
5. "2 Hearts"
6. "Wings of Time"
7. "She Knows the Devil"
8. "The Other Side"
9. "Only You"
10. "Kick Down the Walls"
11. "Kingdom of Desire"
12. "Jake to the Bone"
13. "Little Wing" (live)

1993 - 'Absolutely Live'

Toto - Absolutely Live
Columbia Europe

Toto's first live album wasn't released until they had been performing for 17 years, and were widely recognized as one of the best live performance rock bands. The performances were recorded during the band's Kingdom of Desire tour.

Original CD Track List

1. "Hydra"
2. "Rosanna"
3. "Kingdom of Desire"
4. "Georgy Porgy"
5. "99"
6. "I Won't Hold Back"
7. "Don't Stop Me Now"
8. "Africa"
9. "Don't Chain My Heart"
10. "I'll Be Over You"
11. "Home of the Brave"
12. "Hold the Line"
13. "With a Little Help From my Friends"

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