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Elton John


Full Name:

Originally Reginald Kenneth Dwight, now Sir Elton Hercules John


March 25, 1947


Pinner, England


"The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star."

Significant Elton John Facts:

  • His 50 albums produced 86 hit singles between 1969 and 2005
  • During the '70s alone he had seven consecutive #1 albums and 15 hit singles
  • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 and, with longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin, into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992

Elton John Career History:

By the time he was four years old, he was playing piano, exhibiting the ability to play any song he heard. He entered the Royal Academy of Music at age 11. His first band, The Corvettes, was formed in 1960, becoming Bluesology a few years later, and touring the U.S. backing R&B acts. He met lyricist Bernie Taupin in 1966 and began a musical collaboration that continues today. He quickly established a reputation for his flamboyant showmanship and lifestyle.

Elton John Diversified:

In addition to his rock discography, he has written several movie soundtracks, the most famous of which was for 1994's The Lion King, which was also adapted for Broadway. Another Broadway show, based on novelist Annie Rice's character, The Vampire Lestat, co-written with Taupin, is schedule to open in March 2006.

Essential Elton John CD:

Elton John's Greatest Hits
All of John's musical styles are represented, from the tender Your Song, to the rocking Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting to the quirky Benny and the Jets. It also contains 1973's Candle In the Wind, which became the world's best selling single of all time when it was re-recorded and dedicated to Princess Diana after her death.
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