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Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix

"Live At Fillmore East" was recorded 12-31-69 and 1-1-70 (Experience Hendrix)

Full Name:

Born Johnny Allen Hendrix, later changed to James Marshal Hendrix


November 27, 1942


Seattle, Washington


September 18, 1970

Jimi Hendrix Quote:

"The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again."

Significant Facts About Jimi Hendrix:

  • Joined the Army at age 17, faked homosexuality and was discharged after 14 months
  • Played backup guitar for Ike and Tina Turner, Little Richard, King Curtis, The Isley Brothers, and Wilson Pickett
  • Formed his first band - Jimmy James and the Blue Flames - in 1965
  • Formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966 and quickly became a hit in Europe
  • Couldn't read or write music, but was one of the single most important influences on electric guitar rock

Jimi Hendrix Career Highlights:

He played with local groups in Seattle before joining the Army in 1961, after which he moved to Nashville and earned a living backing various touring acts before moving to New York and forming his own group in 1966. He was known as a perfectionist in the studio, requiring dozens of takes of each song. Hendrix recorded just four studio albums (one of which wasn’t released until after his death) and one live album before his death at age 27 from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

Essential Jimi Hendrix CD:

Electric Ladyland(Compare Prices
His third and last album is a definitive collection of the diverse styles Hendrix employed.
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