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The Moody Blues


The Moody Blues

"Days of Future Passed" is the quintessential Moody Blues album (Polydor Records)


1964 in Birmingham, England

Original Moody Blues Members:

Denny Laine - guitar, later replaced by Justin Hayward
Clint Warwick - bass, later replaced by John Lodge
Mike Pinder - keyboards
Ray Thomas - flute, percussion
Graeme Edge - drums

Significant Facts About Moody Blues:

  • Pioneered the fusion of rock and orchestral music
  • 21 albums since 1965 have sold an estimated 55-million worldwide
  • With the exception of a brief hiatus in the 1970s, the group has recorded and toured almost continuously since it was formed
  • One of the first bands to achieve success with its own record label

Moody Blues Early Career:

Their unique combination of progressive and psychedelic rock came to the attention of Decca Records shortly after the group formed in 1964 from the remnants of groups called Krew Cats and El Riot & the Rebels. The group's popularity took off after they began incorporating electronic keyboard and flute into their sound.

Moody Blues Move On:

Most of the Moodies' professional disputes were with their record labels, prompting them to form their own in 1969.

In the mid 70s, the group announced it was permanently disbanding, but they resumed recording and touring in 1977. Today, original member Graeme Edge, along with John Lodge and Justin Hayward, both of whom joined the band in 1966, continue to tour.

In spite of their longevity, commercial success, and influence on rock music, the group isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Essential CD:

Days of Future Passed
The band's first concept album was one of its most successful, and influenced the course of progressive rock.
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