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Genres & Styles

The many genres within the genre of classic rock.

Arena Rock
Think big. Larger than life -- the sound, the venues, the performers, the pyrotechnics.

Blues Rock
When rock meets blues, the electric guitars come out and the tempo goes up.

Country Rock
There's no denying the influence of country music on rock.

Folk Rock
When the music has a message, it's probably folk rock.

Glam Rock
Makeup, costumes, and songs about sex, drugs and sci-fi.

Glam Metal
Probably the most derided, but one of the most popular forms of rock.

Goth Rock
Like a haunting Victorian romantic-horror novel: intelligent, nihilistic and above all else, cool.

A combination of punk and metal, following an established trend in rock of hybrid forms of music breaking boundaries.

Heavy Metal
Where power chords reign and distortion is a good thing.

Progressive Rock
Bring on the strings, woodwinds, and esoteric themes.

Psychedelic Rock
Tie-dyed homage to the gospel of turn on, tune in, drop out.

Punk Rock
Lyrically anti-establishment, musically experimental.

Hillbilly with soul.

Soft Rock
It's rock, but with softer lyrics, softer instruments, and minimal controversy.

Southern Rock
Hard rock guitar, boogie rhythm, and lyrics with a Deep South flavor.

Surf Rock
Hang ten, dude.

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