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12 Days Of Christmas Past

Classic Rock Holiday History


12 Days Of Christmas Past

Jimi Hendrix in concert (©2003 Photo Flashbacks - The Doug Hartley Collection)

Over the years, the winter holidays have seen significant developments in classic rock history. Our “12 Days” of the season is a chronological look back at what was happening in classic rock during the holiday seasons from 1966 through 1977.
  • On the 1st Day of Christmas Past ... Jimi Hendrix begins to break through during the holiday season in 1966.

  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas Past ... unrest in the world is reflected in the rock music scene during the 1967 holiday season.

  • On the 3rd Day of Christmas Past ... familiar faces in new places during the holidays in 1968.

  • On the 4th Day of Christmas Past ... the 1969 holiday season is marred by a rock concert riot.

  • On the 5th Day of Christmas Past ... a series of tragedies created a somber backdrop for the 1970 holiday season.

  • On the 6th Day of Christmas Past ... changes, transitions, and inspirational backstories from the 1971 holiday season.

  • On the 7th Day of Christmas Past ... the 1972 holiday season is marked by new beginnings, tragic endings, and a helping hand from Ziggy Stardust.

  • On the 8th Day of Christmas Past ... two soon-to-be-big bands have their debut live performances, Southern Rock comes on strong, and FM radio gets album oriented during the 1973 holiday season.

  • On the 9th Day of Christmas Past ... the 1974 holiday season sees John Lennon's last live performance and the start of a long break from touring for the Grateful Dead.

  • On the 10th Day of Christmas Past ... rock records get burned in Tallahassee, Faces members go their separate ways, and Wings go on the road for more than a year during the 1975 holiday season.

  • On the 11th Day of Christmas Past ... Sex Pistols set off a firestorm of controversy with their first single, and The Band performs one last time during the holidays of 1976.

  • On the 12th Day of Christmas Past ... David Bowie teams with Bing Crosby, Elton John says he's through with touring, and Sex Pistols continue to attract controversy during the slightly odd holidays of 1977.
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