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Top 5 Sources For Lyrics, Chords, and Tabs


Back when Classic Rock was just rock, lyrics usually weren't printed on album liners, and to get the chords you had to buy the sheet music.

That was pre-Internet. Today, tracking down lyrics, chords, and tablatures is quick, easy, and free – if you know where to look.

These sites maintain large databases and most all musical genres. If you can't find a song on one of these sites, try the band or artist's site. Sites maintained by fans are also good potential sources.

Happy hunting!

1. AZ Chords

Song lyrics, guitar chords, guitar and bass tablatures, searchable by song title or artist name. Most popular song and artist searches are also listed.

2. Chordie

Claims an index of 220,455 songs from 12,020 artists.


Updated weekly, sorted by artist or title. Claims over 200,000 songs.

4. Ultimate Guitar

Includes discussion forums, articles and reviews. New and classic songs included.

5. Pesenki

Flexible search tool allows you get results from partial names and titles.
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