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People and events that have shaped rock music.

Is it time to redefine classic rock?
How and why the definition of classic rock keeps changing

One last goodbye
Classic rock artists who died in 2013

January album anniversaries - Happy 40th!
Rock albums released in January 1974

10 women who made rock history

What was new in February 1969
Classic rock albums released in February 1969, celebrating 45th anniversaries

Jammin' with Dad
A Father's Day tribute to classic rock artists who share a special bond, as fathers of children who, like themselves, have chosen to pursue musical careers.

Classic rock on Record Store Day

Look who's 50!

Record Store Day 101

The Woodstock Diaries
Daily journal of events at the Woodstock festival in 1969

Pink Floyd debut album turns 45
History of Pink Floyd's debut album, 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn'

The Record Store Remembered
Record Store Day is all about memories of learning about music and artists in small, independent record stores.

Record Store Day, by the numbers
Since 2008 the third Saturday in April has been celebrated as Record Store Day, to commemorate and promote small, independent record stores throughout the world.

Why We Should Care About Recorded Music Sales
Recent trends in the sales of recorded music have impacted all of us as music consumers.

Recap: classic rock in 2011
The year in review as seen through the eyes of classic rock fans

Best Woodstock Performances
More than 200 songs were performed over the course of the Woodstock festival in 1969, so at first the prospect of picking favorites is a bit daunting. But after 40 years, only a few have stood the test of time. Re-live some of the most memorable, then share your favorites.

2011: The Year the Music Industry Rises From the Ashes
Among other things, 2011 will be remembered as the year the music industry started rising from the ashes.

Classic Rock 101

Black History and Classic Rock
African American musicians have long been associated with Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop and Soul music, but there is also much to celebrate about their influence on classic rock. Our great respect and gratitude for these artists as we celebrate Black History Month.

Classic Rock Holiday History

Classic Rock Vinyl Tips

Collecting Vinyl Records

Ghost Stories of Rock 'n' Roll

Going on Down to Yasgur's Farm, Again
Anyone coming of age in 1969 who was plugged into what Woodstock was all about wasn't accustomed to thinking what would happen in the next 40 minutes, much less 40 years. So, the upcoming Woodstock anniversary is rather mind blowing.

Jose, Can You See?
At one time or another, we have all misheard something someone said. It’s called a mondegreen, a real word coined by Sylvia Wright which means the misinterpretation or mishearing of a phrase. It’s normal but can be the cause of great amusement and shameful embarrassment, even in classic rock songs.

Laurel Canyon: Story of Rock & Roll's Legendary Neighborhood
Review of Laurel Canyon, the Inside Story of Rock and Roll's Legendary Neighborhood by Michael Walker.

Music of the Decade - New in 2000
It may have been the dawn of a new millennium/century/decade but our musical roots were still firmly planted in classic rock. Among Y2K's Top 10 best selling albums were Santana's Supernatural and 1, a compilation of The Beatles' hit singles from four decades earlier. And several classic rock veterans released some interesting new albums.

Music of the Decade - New in 2000
It may have been the dawn of a new millennium/century/decade but our musical roots were still firmly planted in classic rock. Among Y2K's Top 10 best selling albums were Santana's Supernatural and 1 , a compilation of The Beatles' hit singles from four decades earlier. And several classic rock veterans released some interesting new albums.

Music of the Decade - New in 2001
For classic rockers, the year 2001 (the real start of the new millennium/century/decade, since the first millennium/century/decade started in the year 1, not the year 0) was a varied one. Roxy Music (minus Brian Eno) reunited following their second breakup in 1978, ELO released their first new album in 15 and hard rockers, Scorpions released...

Music of the Decade - New in 2003

The prevailing theory in 2003 seemed to be, "Let's throw a bunch of [stuff] against the wall and see if any of it sticks." The volume of new releases from classic rock artists was high. The same could not be said of the quality in many cases.

Music of the Decade - New in 2004
In the larger music world, attention in 2004 was focused less on classic rock than on events like the death of Ray Charles and the breakup of Phish. So, much of what was released in our little corner of tunedom came and went without a great deal of immediate notice or lasting impact.

Music of the Decade - New in 2005
With only a few exceptions, much of the new material released by classic rock artists in the decade of the '00s had failed to generate much notice before 2005. Suddenly, at mid-decade, we couldn't get out of the way of the flood of memorable music from some of the pioneers of the genre.

Music of the Decade - New in 2006
2006 brought us The Who's first studio album in 24 years, David Gilmour's first in 22 years, Chicago's first in 15 years, Bob Seger's first in 11 years. And those are just a few of the things that made it another good year for classic rock fans.

Music of the Decade - New in 2007
Asia. Genesis. Led Zeppelin. The Police. Sex Pistols. Van Halen. 2007 was a boom year for classic rock band reunions for live performances. It was also a year that saw the stream of significant new studio releases continuing at a brisk pace for the third year running.

Music of the Decade - New in 2008

2008 was far from being a "bust" for new releases, it was a far cry from the "boom" of the previous two years in terms of quantity. But it did produce the first new studio albums in quite some time from Queen, AC/DC, The B-52's, and Uriah Heep.

Music of the Decade - New in 2009

If you were looking for lots of new studio releases from classic rockers, 2009 was not your year. As the decade ended, so did the recent boom in new material from artists who had gone many years between albums. Even so, there were some titles worth talking about.

Myths and Legends of Rock 'n' Roll

Record Store Day
Every year since 2008, on the third Saturday in April, hundreds of independently owned music stores around the world celebrate Record Store Day.

Record Store Day - long live independent record stores
It wasn't just the big selection and the knowledge of the sales people. It was the gathering place of kindred spirits. It was the smell and feel of the place. It was the record store, and it is being celebrated (and mourned) on Record Store Day.

Record Store Day classic rock releases
Special classic rock vinyl releases on Record Store Day.

Reunion Timeline - The Doors
For only the fifth time since disbanding, surviving members of The Doors have briefly reunited to record a new song.

San Francisco Sound
A look at San Francisco bands who didn't gain lasting fame, but who nonetheless were part of the formation and development of the San Francisco Sound in 60s rock music.

Summer of Love Turns 40

Summer of Love: Where Were You?

Summers of Classic Rock

That Was The Decade That Was
It doesn't seem that long ago that we were partying like it was 1999 to welcome the new century. With only a few weeks left in the first decade of the new millennium, we take a look at how much things have changed in the past ten years.

The Decade in Music
George Harrison's final album. Comebacks begin for Springsteen and Rush, and continue for Santana. In many ways, 2002 was a year of rebirth of several classic rock artists.

Witness to Woodstock

Top Picks
Which classic albums should be in your collection? Which artists have most influenced Classic Rock? Which new releases should you spend your money on? Look no further.

Woodstock 40th anniversary - your favorite Woodstock performances
Readers write about their favorite performances from the original Woodstock festival in 1969.

Woodstock 40th anniversary - your memories of Woodstock
You didn't have to be at the original Woodstock festival in 1969 for it to have had an impact on your life. What did Woodstock mean to you?

Your favorite misheard classic rock lyrics
Favorite misheard lyrics from classic rock songs.

Buffalo Springfield reunion timeline
A planned 30 city Buffalo Springfield tour, delayed twice, has now fallen off the radar entirely for the forseeable future. This is the history of Buffalo Springfield reunions.

Reader smackdown: Queen vs. The Beatles

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