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January album anniversaries - Happy 40th!

40th anniversary of classic rock releases


Nearly half of the rock releases in January 1974 were from artists who were in the process of leaving the bands that had helped give them the confidence to perform as solo artists.  

Hot Tuna - 'The Phosphorescent Rat'


Released 1/3/74

Before they left Jefferson Airplane for good in 1974, singer/lead guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bass guitarist Jack Casady pursued an acoustic side project using the name Hot Tuna. As such they had recorded three albums ahead of 1974's The Phosphorescent Rat, which took Hot Tuna away from their acoustic roots and toward hard rock.

Listen to the 1974 album version of Hot Tuna's "I See The Light"

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "I See the Light"
2. "Letter to the North Star"
3. "Easy Now"
4. "Corners Without Exits"
5. "Day to Day Out the Window Blues"

Side 2
1. "In the Kingdom"
2. "Seeweed Strut"
3. "Living Just for You"
4. "Soliloquy for 2"
5. "Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From?"


Grace Slick - 'Manhole'


Released 1/4/74

Everyone who was on the 1974 Jefferson Starship roster (except Papa John Creech) performed on Manhole, but it went in the catalog as Grace Slick's first solo album. The album was recorded as the soundtrack for a movie that was to have been called Manhole. The movie was never made, but the album was released anyway.

Watch Grace Slick (with Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears on keys) in a 1975 performance of "Better Lying Down"

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Jay"
2. "Theme from the Movie Manhole"

Side 2
1. "¿Come Again? Toucan"
2. "It's Only Music"
3. "Better Lying Down"
4. "Epic No. 38"

Rod Stewart / Faces - 'Coast to Coast'

Mercury Records

Released 1/10/74

In January 1974, Rod Stewart was recording solo albums (while still with Faces) but wasn't yet touring his own. Instead, he shared billing with Faces in live performances. Coast to Coast was recorded during gigs at Hollywood Palladium and Anaheim Convention Center in October 1973. A half dozen songs from Stewart's solo albums and three from the Faces catalog made the track list for Coast to Coast. The album is now so rare, even a used copy costs $40 - $60.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "It's All Over Now"
2. "Cut Across Shorty"
3. "Too Bad / Every Picture Tells A Story"
4. "Angel"
5. "Stay With Me"

Side 2
I. "Wish It Would Rain"
2. "I'd Rather Go Blind"
3. "Borstal Boy / Amazing Grace"
4. "Jealous Guy"

Bob Dylan - 'Planet Waves'


Released 1/17/74

By 1974, Bob Dylan was already a veteran. Planet Waves was his 14th studio album. He was backed by frequent collaborators, The Band. In 1973, it had been seven years since they had last toured together. Planet Waves came to pass after Dylan and the band had committed to a reunion tour and began working on new material for the live performances.

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "On A Night Like This" 
2. "Going, Going, Gone"
3. "Tough Mama"
4. "Hazel" 
5. "Something There Is About You"
6. "Forever Young" 

Side 2
1. "Forever Young"
2. "Dirge"
3. "You Angel You" 
4. "Never Say Goodbye"
5. "Wedding Song"

Joni Mitchell - 'Court and Spark'


Released 1/17/74

By January 1974 Joni Mitchell had released five studio albums, one per year beginning in 1968. The last two had made it to the Top 10. In 1973, she didn't release a new album, but spent most that year recording Court and Spark, which would turn out to be the most successful album she has made. 

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Court and Spark"
2. "Help Me"
3. "Free Man in Paris"
4. "People's Parties"
5. "Same Situation"

Side 2
1. "Car on a Hill" 
2. "Down to You"
3. "Just Like This Train"
4. "Raised on Robbery"
5. "Trouble Child"
6. "Twisted"


Foghat - 'Energized'

Bearsville Records

Released 1/74

Foghat's third studio album was the one that brought the band's blues/heavy metal brand of rock fully into album buyers' consciousness. Energized included "Home In My Hand" which became a longtime standard on Foghat's live performance set lists.

Listen to Foghat's 1974 album version of "Home In My Hand"

Original LP Track List

Side 1
1. "Honey Hush"
2. "Step Outside"
3. "Golden Arrow"
4. "Home in My Hand"

Side 2
1. "Wild Cherry"
2. "That'll Be the Day"
3. "Fly by Night"
4. "Nothin' I Won't Do"
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