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Songs for Winter

Warm up with these classic rock cold weather songs


Batten down, button up, and make the best of the worst winter weather.

Here are our top listening picks for the snowy, icy, overcast and cold days of winter.

"A Hazy Shade of Winter" - Simon & Garfunkel


Album: Bookends

Sample lyric:
"Hear the Salvation Army band down by the riverside.
It's bound to be a better ride than what you've got planned.
Carry your cup in your hand and look around
Leaves are brown now and the sky is a hazy shade of winter"

"A Winter's Tale" - Moody Blues

Moody Blues - A Winter's Tale

Album: December

Sample lyric:
"The nights are colder now
Maybe I should close the door
And anyway the snow has covered all your footsteps
And I can follow you no more"

"A Winter's Tale" - Queen

Queen - A Winter's Tale

Album: Made in Heaven

Sample lyric:
"There's a kind of magic in the air
What a truly magnificent view
A breathtaking scene"

Watch the video

"First Snow on Brooklyn" - Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull - First Snow On Brooklyn
Varese Saraband

Album: The Jethro Tull Christmas Album

Sample lyric:
"And the first snow on Brooklyn
Makes a lonely road to travel
Cold crunch steps that echo as the blizzard bites"

"Snow Theme" - Journey

Journey - Snow Theme
SBME Import
Album: Dream After Dream

Instrumental from soundtrack of Japanese movie

"Snowball" - Devo

Devo - Snowball
Warner Bros.

Album: Freedom of Choice

Sample lyric:
"My baby took our love
And then she rolled it up
Rolled it up a hill
Like a ball of snow
Like a snowball grows"

Watch live performance video

"Snowblind" - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Snowbound
Sanctuary Records

Album: Past Lives

Sample Lyric:
"My eyes are blind but I can see
The snowflakes glisten on the trees
The sun no longer sets me free
I feel the snowflakes freezing me

Let the winter sun shine on
Let me feel the frost of dawn
Fill my dreams of flakes of snow
Soon I'll feel the chilling glow"

Watch live performance video

"Snowbound" - Donald Fagen

Donald Fagen - Snowbound

Album: Kamakiriad

Sample lyric:
"We hit the street
With visors down
With our thermasuits
Sealed up tight"

"Snowbound" - Genesis

Genesis - Snowbound
Rhino / Atlantic

Album: ... And Then There Were Three ...

Sample lyric:
"Lay your body down upon the midnight snow
Feel the cold of winter in your hair
Ooh, ooh what a snowman
They say a snow year's a good year"

Watch the video

"Snowman" - Rainbow

Rainbow - Snowman
PSM Records
Album: Bent Out of Shape

Instrumental from an animated film about a boy and a snowman who fly to the North Pole

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