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My favorite classic rock collaborations in 2013

They went together like whiskers on kittens


It has become quite popular in recent years for artists to invite one or more other artists to record part or all of an album with them. The trend has certainly continued in 2013, with some very pleasing results. here are my five favorite collaborations this year.

John Fogerty - 'Wrote a Song for Everyone'

John Fogerty - Wrote a Song for Everyone
Vanguard Records

Not only does it seem that John Fogerty has written "a song for everyone" during his career, he recruited darn near everyone to join him in the studio to perform a dozen of his standards, and two new songs for Wrote a Song for Everyone. Collaborators included Foo Fighters, Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown band, My Morning Jacket, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Jennifer Hudson and Alan Toussaint.

Watch John Fogerty, Jennifer Hudson, and Alan Touissaint in the studio recording "Proud Mary"

Read a review of Wrote a Song for Everyone

Joan Jet - 'Unvarnished'

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Unvarnished

She collaborated with Dave Grohl on one song, but to Joan Jett Unvarnished resulted from a collaboration with every member of The Blackhearts. What she calls her "most autobiographical project" was "a real band album, everybody was involved."

Watch the music video for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts "Any Weather"


'Sammy Hagar and Friends'

Frontiers Records/Universal

It isn't like Sammy Hagar needs a lot of help to record a memorable album, but The Red Rocker did invite a bunch of buddies to join him on Sammy Hagar and Friendsand it sounded very much like everyone enjoyed the party. With friends like Journey guitarist Neal Schon, Nancy Wilson (Heart), Hagar's former Van Halen bandmate Mike Anthony, and Joe Satriani, you can hardly go wrong!

Watch Sammy Hagar with Kid Rock and Joe Satriani on the "Knockdown Dragout" music video

Leslie West - 'Still Climbing'

Leslie West - Still Climbing
12th Street Records

For Leslie WestStill Climbing was the culmination of a comeback from a partial leg amputation in 2011. The album featured a duet with fellow Woodstock performer Johnny Winter, with whom West has been friends since 1969. The two of them helped one another beat their drug addictions. Other collaborators included Mark Termonti, Dee Snider, Jonny Lang and Dylan Rose.

Listen to Leslie West and Johnny Winter - "Busted, Disgusted or Dead"


Buddy Guy - 'Rhythm and Blues'

Buddy Guy - Rhythm and Blues

Members of Aerosmith are among those who showed their respect for Buddy Guy and his influence on their careers on Guy's new album, Rhythm and Blues. Other guests included Kid Rock, Beth Hart, Keith Urban and Gary Clark, Jr.

Listen to Buddy Guy with Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler - "Evil Twin"



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