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Readers Respond: Best anti-war protest songs of the Vietnam era

Responses: 19


The 2011 "Occupy" protests have been likened to the protests against the Vietnam war during the '60s and '70s in their size and persistence. One thing that differentiates the two movements is that the anti-war movement had its own songbook.

Please add your choices for the best anti-war protest songs of the '60s and '70s. Give us yours

War Pigs/ Black Sabbath

Politicians hide themselves away; they only started the war. Great line and great song.
—Guest Otto Greenleaf

Rolling Stones

What about Gimmie Shelter by The Rolling Stones. That song is great and was based on the Vietnam war it is also one of the Rolling Stones most popular songs
—Guest Georgia

One Movie -- superb anti-war soundtrack

The soundtrack of "Strawberry Statement" is an outstanding 2 LP & difficult to find CD Anti-war themed movie. CS&N, Joan Baez, Buffy St. Marie, etc. cuts !!
—Guest Rog

holiday in combodia by dead kennedys

it's the best of the hole era , i really wonder why it's not metioned yet so at least i think is a really good punk rock song about vietnam war
—Guest mouad

Um, What about Jimi Richie?

Hendrix - Machine gun, Deep Purple - Child in Time. Legendary tone chasers, so far unmatched by any on this list !
—Guest Izzyisaac007

The Grave

I've been relistening of late to Don McLean's American Pie album and it struck me what a great anti-war song The Grave is. "The grave that they dug him had flowers gathered from the hillside in bright summer colours and the brown earth bleached white at the edge of his gravestone he's gone" It goes on to build a very tense narractive that's simple and universal. Fantastic
—Guest Diggity

Billy Joel

I think Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon makes a very strong statement.
—Guest Hugo

John Prine

Lest we forget, John Prine: "Your Flag Decal won't get you in to heaven any more, they're already overcrowded from your dirty little war..."
—Guest Rabbit Fighter


—Guest TD

these came to mind...

Unknown Soldier . Doors / What's Goin On . Marvin Gaye / Last Train To Clarksville . The Monkees . People , Lets Stop The war . Grandfunk Railroad . Roll Call . Johnny Cash
—Guest walrus1951

The Rolling Stones

Dave: I need another Rolling Stones greatest hits collection like I need a hole in my head. However, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket include Paint It,Black and Satisfaction in the movies and on the soundtrack. They seemed to fit perfectly. Cheers, Otto
—Guest Otto Greenleaf

Anti War Songs

Long but the best is "Sky Pilot" by Eric Burdon & the animals. Stunning!
—Guest Phil Brown

Protest Songs

Having been a MAJOR Kink's fan from their start I would add "Yes Sir, No Sir" and "Some Mother's Son" both of which are on the great concept album "Arthur or the decline and fall of The British Empire"

Anti War and protest Music

The entire album by the Jefferson Starship, "Blows Against the Empire" could be included in this category. The first song "Mau Mau" has true revolutionary anger. The song" Child is Coming" foretells a possible messianic hope if he is not corrupted by the government. The idea of a countercultural hijacking of a starship in the name of peace and love is certainly an unrealistic plan. However the theme of the album is a candid diatribe against an empire(government) who cannot see the harm of its direction. I still own the original vinyl and last summer purchased an original vinyl of "After bathing at Baxters" for just $1.00 at a library sale in West Virginia. ! Your site is proof that classic rock will never die and old rockers will be around to educate younger generations of a time when music had value and impact (and musicians had real talent)
—Bruce Simon

Grand Funk protest Song

Another great Vietnam protest song to add to the list from Grand Funk Railroad, "People, Let's Stop The War" on their 1971, E. Pluribus Funk album.
—Guest Bill

Give us yours

Best anti-war protest songs of the Vietnam era

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