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Jimi Hendrix Discography


His career was tragically short, abruptly ending when he died of a drug overdose in September, 1970 at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix's body of work was such, however, that more than five times as many albums have been released since has death, than during his three year recording career.

Hendrix Career Discography

(l-r) Noel Redding, Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell - Photo by Express / Getty Images

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, with Hendrix as lead vocalist/guitarist, Noel Redding as bassist/backup vocalist and Mitch Mitchell on drums, recorded three successful studio albums between 1966 and 1969, when Redding left the band and Billy Cox took over on bass.

For a short time (long enough to release one live album) Hendrix teamed with Cox and drummer Buddy Miles, performing as Band of Gypsies for a few months in 1969 and 1970. Then, Hendrix, Mitchell and Cox re-formed the Experience, and continued to perform in that configuration until Hendrix's death.

'Are You Experienced'

Experience Hendrix / MCA
  • Released May 1967 in the UK, August 1967 in the US
  • Reached #1 in the UK and was the best selling album in the US in 1968
  • Placed in the Library of Congress National Recording Registry in 2005

'Axis: Bold As Love'

Sony Legacy
  • Released December 1967 in the UK, XXXX 1968 in the US
  • Reached #5 in the UK, #3 in the US
  • Appears on Guitarist magazine list of the most influential guitar albums of all time, Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time

'Electric Ladyland'

Sony Legacy
  • Released October 1968
  • Reached #1 in the US, #6 in the UK
  • Created controversy in the UK with the album cover consisting of a photo of 19 naked women

'Band of Gypsies'

Capitol Records
  • Reached #5 in the US, #6 in the UK
  • Recorded at Fillmore East in New York City during shows on New Year's Eve 1969 and New Year's Day 1970
  • A documentary filmed during those shows, Band of Gypsys: Live at the Fillmore East was released on DVD in 1999

Hendrix Posthumous Studio Album Discography

Hendrix made the most of the time he spent in recording studios during those few years of his career. He had recorded songs for what he envisioned as a double album that would have been the followup to Electric Ladyland. Those songs constituted the first two of an eventual eight studio albums that have been released since his death.

'The Cry of Love'

Warner Bros / WEA
  • Released February 1971
  • Reached #2 in the UK and #3 in the US
  • Among the cameos, Steve Winwood provided backup vocals on "Ezy Rider" and Stephen Stills provided piano accompaniment on "My Friend"

'Rainbow Bridge'

Reprise Records
  • US release October 1971, UK release November 1971
  • Reached #15 in the US and #16 in the UK
  • Background vocals on "Earth Blues" by The Ronettes

'War Heroes'

Polydor Records
  • UK release October 1972, US release December 1972
  • Reached #23 in the UK and #48 in the US
  • Recorded during various sessions between 1967 and 1970, with a mixture Redding and Cox on bass

'Crash Landing'

Warner Bros / WEA
  • US release March 1975, UK release October 1975
  • Reached #5 in the US and #35 in the UK
  • For the first time since Hendrix's death, session instrumentalists and backup vocalists were added to the original tracks at the time of the album's release
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