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The Beatles


The Beatles
Courtesy Special Ops Media

Journey of Discovery:

This is the story of a high school skiffle band that woke up one day in the rarified air of international superstardom. The story of The Beatles is a story of friendships made and lost, musical barriers broken, and lives permanently altered.

It's a long way from Liverpool to legend. The journey has been the subject of thousands of books, articles, interviews, college courses, discussion groups, and late night bull sessions. And well it should be. When you add up all of the Beatles albums, singles, CDs and videos that have ever been sold, the total surpasses 1-billion. That’s billion, with a 'B.’

The Beatles Timeline:

Our own trip down the path of Beatles discovery begins with a look at the distinct periods along their career timeline.

The Beatles, One by One:

Biographies of the blokes who went from humble beginnings in Liverpool to pretty much as far as you can go in the musical stratosphere.

The Music of The Beatles:

These are the albums the band released between 1963 and 1970, with notes on the albums, album covers, and songs.

Photo Galleries:

Beatles Reviews and Previews:

Beatles Trivia and Polls:

Beatles Backstories, Myths and Legends:

Beatles On the Web:

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